I normally tune out when we have a speaker. That sounds terrible to say but we have so many things to do. But I could not stop listening to Dr. Kim! Every word out of her mouth spoke to my soul!
— Nurse Manager

Attended "Transforming the Nurse Leader Within" 

It’s good to hear someone with a different perspective. She gets you excited about what nursing can be. What nursing should be!
— Director of Nursing

Dr. Kim is an amazing and sought after speaker.  She combines scholarship, experience and her incredible instinct to connect with her audience.  Her ability to articulate nurses' feelings and elicit a range of emotions makes her a favorite for conferences, events and radio.  

Selected past speaking events include:                                                                       

Available for

  • Lunch and Learns

  • Keynote speech for your organization's sponsored event

  • Half day and full day workshop/seminar

  • In-house corporate training

  • Executive and personnel retreat

  • Partnership Summit

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