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Our approach to nurse retention is

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Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim

Professional Speaker, Trainer & Certified Coach 

Affectionately called the Nurse Whisperer and The Magician by her clients - she prefers Dr. Kim.

Dr. Kim is the Founder & CEO of The Nightingale Firm, professional speaker, trainer and certified coach.

Dr. Kim stands out from other coaches!  Trained by the greatest of all time, John Maxwell and his incredible leadership team.  She takes the Maxwell Method to another level with analytics, industry insight and a keen awareness of what matters to nurses.     

As Kimberly A. Hires, PhD, RN, her stellar professional career includes Johns Hopkins University, University of Miami, SUNY-Stony Brook, Fogarty Fellowships abroad, Jonas Center for Nursing & Veterans Healthcare, and Clinical Research Nursing at the National Institutes of Health all before the age of 30! 

With an international portfolio of nursing clients, Dr. Kim knows how to connect with nurses.  As a Millennial Nurse Expert, Dr. Kim is known for being holistic, energetic and innovative .   

When she is not coaching nurse leaders,  Dr. Kim is the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program Director at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. 

Leadership is not about managing people. It’s about positively influencing people to thrive in their roles and goals. Before you can lead anyone else well, you need to lead yourself well in all areas of your life. There is no ‘professional you,’ and a ‘personal you.’ You are only one person who happens to have many roles. One of those roles requires you to lead other people. Here’s the thing: You lead how you live. So, if you are not living well with intention, you will not thrive in leadership. Leadership is about you, not what you do.
— Dr. Kim

What do I do?

I help nurse leaders develop their leadership and communication skills by breaking through any barriers that are holding the leaders and their team back from becoming a strong, cohesive and sustainable team.  


How do I do it?

I change mindsets to help nurse leaders live intentionally, lead effectively and retain the nursing talent they hire.  

My coaching programs, workshops and courses are designed to help nurse leaders

  • improve their skills,

  • gain valuable insights into their behavior, 

  • encourage professional growth, and

  • increase nurse retention.

Why do I love what I do? 

Transformational Leadership = Retention

Recruiting more nurses into the field before addressing key leadership and retention issues is equivalent to pouring water in a bucket filled with holes. There is a difference between managing and leading.  Nurse retention is impacted by knowing the difference between the two.

Retaining talent is always more profitable than replacing talent. 

Who understands nurses and the myriad of things that we do better than another nurse?  

We have never been driven by financial incentives and profit margins - that's why a regular executive coach for a nurse leader is a HUGE mismatch. 

Traditional management strategies DO NOT work with nurses.

It takes another nurse to understand a nurse's Why.  And when you can get to the Why, we can work on the How and ultimately the financial improvements will follow.  After working with me, you will feel empowered and see a transformation in you/your leader, and your team. The more teams I transform, the more I transform the profession - for the better.