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Dr. Kim


Certified Coach & Professional Speaker

Affectionately called the Nurse Whisperer and The Magician by her clients - she prefers Dr. Kim.

Dr. Kim is the Founder & CEO of The Nightingale Firm, certified coach and professional speaker. 

Dr. Kim stands out from other coaches!  Trained by the greatest of all time, John Maxwell and his incredible leadership team.  She takes the Maxwell Method to another level with data-driven results, industry insight and a keen awareness of what matters to nurses.   

 Her impact was recently recognized by Atlanta's edition of People You Need To Know Magazine as a 2018 Atlanta Woman of Year.   

As Kimberly A. Hires, PhD, RN, her stellar professional career includes Johns Hopkins University, University of Miami, SUNY-Stony Brook, Fogarty Fellowships abroad, Jonas Center for Nursing & Veterans Healthcare, and Clinical Research Nursing at the National Institutes of Health all before the age of 30! 

With an international portfolio of nursing clients, Dr. Kim knows how to connect with nurses.  As a Millennial Nurse Expert, Dr. Kim is known for being holistic, energetic and innovative.   

She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and son.

Leadership is not about managing people. It’s about positively influencing people to thrive in their roles and goals.
— Dr. Kim

I empower nurse leaders with the skills needed to succeed in leadership and increase their influence. 

My data driven, evidence based coaching solutions break through barriers that hold nurse leaders back from building strong relationships with team members and maintaining sustainable work-life balance.  The key to effective retention is relationships. 


I change mindsets to help nurse leaders live intentionally, lead effectively and retain the nursing talent they hire.  

My coaching programs are designed to help nurse leaders

  • improve their leadership soft skills,

  • gain valuable insights into their behavior, 

  • achieve professional goals, and

  • make a positive, lasting impact on the profession.

Using reliable tools for positive transformation and qualitative assessments, I achieve a 360 degree view of clients.  These tools deepen client's understanding of  ability, attitudes, perspectives, behaviors, preferences, barriers, and goals.  We then work to develop leadership soft skills and life balance. 

I use methodologies built on decades of behavioral science research, nursing insight and successful leadership strategies. 


S.R. had 1 Power Session with Dr. Kim.