Sphere of Influence (Individual)

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Sphere of Influence (Individual)


The Sphere of Influence Package is designed for Nurse Executives and Deans.  With this package, I not only administer assessments to you via an online secure platform, but I obtain confidential feedback from employees and colleagues. Leadership does not exist in a vacuum.  I analyze your perception of your leadership and the perceptions of your employees and colleagues. Then we come up with a coaching plan to quickly close the gap between your perception and the perceptions of others. 

This package is appropriate for you if:

  • You oversee a large employee base.
  • You are experience high employee turnover.
  • You experienced or just avoided a major staffing event (e.g. nurses' strike).
  • You want to improve your relationship with your nursing staff. 

This is an INTENSE service. We meet for THREE 1:1 sessions over a 90 day period. Each session lasts 3 hours and may include direct observation of you interacting with your team and colleagues. Sessions are done only in-person. 

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