Iceberg Package (Individual)

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Iceberg Package (Individual)


This package is ideal for Nurse Managers/Directors new to their leadership role. Fiscal management and daily operations is the least challenging part of leadership. It's the PEOPLE that you need to lead that make leadership hard.

If you are experiencing any of the following, then this package is for you:

  • You cannot seem to get all of your work one during the regular work day.

  • You are constantly undermined by members of your team.

  • You walked into a team riddled with division and do not know how to bring everyone together.

  • You are losing nurses faster than you can replace them.

  • You seem to be the last to know about issues on your unit.

The iceberg represents your leadership - the 10% above the water are your observable leadership skills. The 90% below the water is all you. "It's what's below the surface that sinks the ship."

We meet for SIX 1:1 sessions online or in-person (Atlanta metro only) over a 12 month period. Each session lasts for 2 hours. Meeting bi-monthly provides you with time to implement each new strategy.

Prior to our first session, I will send you a link to complete your leadership assessment via a secure online server. Then, I use the data to tailor the content to your needs. With this package, I coach you through:

  • Prioritizing your leadership agenda. We identify key elements of your leadership and legacy.

  • Establish a new paradigm for balance. You cannot give everyone and everything 100% all of the time. I will guide you through establishing new boundaries.

  • Identifying your Stars and Allies on your Team.

  • Practice engagement strategies that will help to build trust between you and your team members.

  • Train you on crucial communication opportunities and how to work through them.

  • Identify mentors within the organization and profession - they will be your lifeboats.

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