Good Leadership Starts...

Good leadership starts with me.jpg

If I had a dollar for every time someone blamed their inability to be successful in their job on who sits in the c-suite, I would retire from coaching, speaking and teaching.

Terrible leaders are everywhere.  Why? Because terrible people are everywhere. It's a fact of life. 

Let me put this in perspective: If I go to the grocery store and the cashier is terrible, does that spoil every item in my cart? No! I'm going to go home and have a phenomenal meal! So why give rotten leadership so much power? 

There are a ton of things that should not be dependent upon who sits in the corner office or c-suite.

Your sanity.

Your joy.

Your health.

Quality practice. 

Your ability to lead by example. 

Contrary to popular belief, good leadership starts with you! Right where you are! The only thing you can control when poor leadership is at the helm, is you.

I have a fun exercise that I do at some of my speaking engagements - but it only works when we have some space to move around.  If you have some room, I want you to stand up. Raise your arms so that they are parallel to the floor (your body should form a T). Then spin around in a circle.  That is the only area you have control over and the control of that space only exists for as long as you are spinning.  We can't control one second in the past or future.  

All we can control is ourselves in this single moment in time.