The True Enemy of Success

Fear is not the enemy of success. The enemy of success is indecisiveness. I cannot tell you how many clients come to me and say "well, maybe I could do this" or "maybe I should do that," and they wax and wane about making a decision. 

One of the first things I coach clients on is how to make up their minds and be confident in their decisions.  If your life is miserable, then there shouldn't be a Plan B.  You're unhappy, you're current situation is taking a toll on your health. Change is well within your power and control. So make up your mind to do what needs to be done to bring about the change you need.

Stay with me, I'll tell you my own story. 

I was in a job that made me sick, literally. I developed all sorts of gastrointestinal symptoms and cardiovascular problems that I did not have before this particular job. I would get physically sick the night before at the thought of having to get up and walk through those doors the next day.  It was a textbook case of a toxic work environment and I felt like I was slowly being poisoned. I was 32 and the stress was aging my body at an exponential rate. Now for about a year, I applied for jobs but I applied with a "safety plan" in place. I told myself, "worst-case scenario I still have the job that made me sick because any job is better than no job, right?" I was well qualified for everything I applied for but none of the jobs called me back. This went on for a year, so you can imagine with every call back I didn't get the sicker I became.

Finally, I said this hellacious job is not Plan B. It is the source of my problems and it needs to go! I made up my mind to resign. I set a date and I said come hell or high water I was not going to be an employee there anymore. You would think that this additional pressure made things worse but the most amazing thing happened once I made up my mind and decided that I no longer wanted this job. I started to get callbacks and interviews. Within 8 weeks of making up my mind, I received my offer letter for a new job. 

When we trust the calling or the yearning that is being birthed within us, step out on faith and make a decision to believe what we are feeling, believe what we hearing, and believe everything that our instincts are telling us to do, that's when the doors open. You know the answer. You already know the answer. You know when change is necessary. Your body tells you. Your finances tell you. Your quality of life tells you. Your job is to simply say a resounding yes! Make up your mind and watch success follow.